Request Pricing or info Steel Trusses

  Clear Span Sizes from 10' up to 80' wide.
  Steel Truss Spacing Standard is 10' apart

  Made in the USA with 100% Certified USA Steel
  Includes Hardware to Bolt trusses together

  Bolt Together Truss Designs 

•  Pre-Welded purlin Cups 

• Pre-Drilled Bolt Holes   

  Unlimited Building Options    

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​​​​​​​​Why should I use Steel Trusses?

These heavy duty steel trusses are designed to be spaced 10'- 12' apart, this converts to saving you valuable install time. Versus wood trusses that are commonly spaced at 2'- 4' apart and require you to purchase and install over twice as many.



Steel: As an example a 50' long building will only require 6 of our easy to install steel trusses spaced at 10' apart.

Versus wood trusses for a 50' long building would be 18 labor intensive wood trusses spaced at 3' apart. 


How do Metal Trusses compare in Price to wood trusses?

Our metal truss will most likely cost more each compared to wood trusses, but are strong enough that your project will only require you to use half as many or less.


Our Steel Truss system converts to overall less cost, less labor to install, and building made to withstand the test of time.

Results: Our Metal Trusses will save you both labor and money.

Quality Steel Trusses

We are currently offering these Steel Trusses from our Knoxville, TN store location.

These steel trusses make for a quick and easy to assemble Pole Barn kit for the contractor or do it yourself type person. Our metal truss system makes the perfect product to enclose the walls for a complete steel truss post frame building.

Metal Roofing Wholesalers Steel Trusses are commonly being used for Barns, Garages, Storage buildings, Riding Arenas and even homes.

Our trusses are manufactured with American Steel

here in the United States. We have a variety of trusses for various functions including gable, free standing shed, and Lean-to trusses and more. Contact us for more information. 


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