Standard Gable Truss Design

 These Gable Trusses come in sizes from 10' - 80' wide and are designed to be spaced 10' apart. This truss concept has proven to make  for a high quality structure at a great price point. The standard pitch  on our steel gable truss is 4/12. We can custom build steeper if needed.


Free Standing Shed Trusses

Our Free Standing Shed truss is single sloped and made with a post seat on each side of the truss along with overhangs on both  the top and bottom of the truss. These are most often made on a 1:12  or 2:12 pitch but can  also be made to your requested pitch.


Lean-To Trusses

 Our Lean to trusses are commonly mounted to an existing building allowing for extra storage off the side of your building, and are most often made on a lower  1:12  or 2:12 pitch, this allows for more head room at the bottom edge.  Other slopes are available if specified.


Header Truss Joist Beam

Header Trusses  will take the place of a post. This will allow you to have 20' wide openings between your posts.

We can place the bracket on the the header anywhere needed to accommodate for door openings when needed as well.