Hidden Fastened Standing Seam Panels

All fasteners are concealed under the seams when these Standing Seam metal roof panels are snapped together.

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Simulated Tile Metal Roofing Products

Impressive designs that simulate real Spanish clay, Roman tile and Villa tile provide the benefits of a high quality metal roof.

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We provide virtually all types, styles and colors of metal roofing products.

​Use the links below to select and view details of the various metal roofing panels including classic rib, standing seam, simulated clay tile, and metal shakes, shingles & slate.

Standard Metal Roofing Panels

Combining beauty and durability with affordability, these quality metal panels are fastened down with a color matched screw with a neoprene washer.

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Metal Shakes, Shingles & Metal Slate

You'll be amazed by these products that give the look of Real Shakes, Slate and Shingles with the all the benefits of high quality steel roofing.

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