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Product Description:
Metal Roofing Wholesalers Snow Guards are rooftop devices that prevent the dangerous movement of snow
and ice by allowing it to melt completely or drop off in small amounts. Our clear snow guard products help
prevent damage from avalanching snow and ice while remaining practically invisible. Snow guards are a
practical, cost-effective addition to any sloped metal roof in winter climates.

Our Snow guards can be adhesive or mechanically fastened and requires a 1.5" flat mounting area. They will fit
almost all panels.The waffled base provides almost triple the bonding power of a smooth bottom guard in this
size category. Starter points are provided for mechanically fastening. These are available in Clear so they will
look attractive on every roof color. Professional ATI test results show this Snow guard held up to 3456 pounds
when screw mounted and 1379 pounds when adhesive mounted using the SB-190

Snow Guards For Metal Roofing


​• Snow Guard Brochure

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