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• 50" wide x 14-1/2" height panel coverage
• Applies over solid substrate or battens
• Material: High-quality steel, aluminum zinc coated
• Gauge: 26ga
• Finish: colored stone chip finish
• Warranty: 50 years
• Minimum Recommended Roof Slope 3:12
• Purpose: Roofing panels

    Metro Tile Standard Colors

Metro Mediterranean Tile

​Metro Tile  offers a timeless Mediterranean style with today's advanced materials. Each metal panel is press-formed from steel with the graceful scalloped curves that simulate low-profile tile and create a lightweight, strong and secure steel roof covering to suit any property. It then has a special stone granular coating applied to give it its natural beauty and strength. Standard tile roofs can be heavy, yet fragile and costly to maintain. Metro Tile resists cracking and the harshest wind or weather which equals unparalleled good looks combined with peace of mind for many years to come.With a wide range of colors to choose from, Metro Tile will provide the style and satisfaction you could only wish for with standard tile roofs.


​• Panel Brochure

​• Install Guide

​• Trim Chart

Metro TILE allows you to choose the look that’s right for your home and it won’t curl, break or burn and is virtually maintenance free. The blending of Stone on Steel creates a tough barrier against the elements, offering long-life performance that creates the perfect protector for your home — Metro  TILE.

Metro STEEL — Highly corrosion-resistant AZ-50 Galvalume® steel coated with specially prepared & treated with proprietary primer to enhance Metro acrylic adhesion.

Metro BASECOAT — Proprietary special formulation developed by the world’s largest resin supplier to promote long-life performance in all climates.

Metro STONE CHIP — Finely graded, non-oiled, natural granite granules that enhance adhesion and provide the tightest granite stone coat matrix on the market today.

Metro ACCESSORY DESIGN — SMARTvent stone-coated ventilator panels fully integrated into the roof field with no need for special flashing. SMARTjack stone-coated 3-in-1 type vent pipe flashings with self-sealing rubber gasket and aluminum base. SMARTsleeve stone-coated and soon-to-be-released vent pipe sleeve cover to perfectly finish pipe penetrations. Eave Riser metals and Rake Channels that incorporate the unique “Locator-Lip” for easy positioning and installer error-free installation.

Metro WARRANTY — This roof is backed with a 50-year limited warranty that has unlimited transferability to subsequent owners — a major plus in today’s housing market. We take pride in our products and it shows — everywhere a Metro roof stands!

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